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How influencer marketing can help in digital marketing?
  Posted on 02 Apr, 2022
How influencer marketing can help in digital marketing?

While finding ways to market your product over the internet definitely you came across the phrase "Influencer Marketing" through experienced and good digital marketing experts. After hearing this you will be wondering what is influencer marketing and how it can help you in growing your brand.

☛ Who is Influencer?

Before moving to Influencer Marketing we should quickly understand what the term "Influencer" represents, these are the People having a considerable number of followers/subscribers on major social platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, etc

✦ What is Influencer Marketing

It is one of the ways to digitally market the brand. Instead of believing in the brand's advertisements, people believe more in the identities they follow or admire. Influencers are reporting more customer conversions and brand awareness among customers than paid or any other source of digital marketing because of the trust and faith they are having in influencers.

✦ How to choose a right influencer for your brand

On every platform you can find some good influencers with a niche audience having the same or similar interests by searching the related content so that algorithm of the platform will try to show as much content your brand deal with. But deciding which influencer will be best for your brand awareness and conversions is not much easier, we have to keep the different important factors in mind while approaching an influencer for collaboration.

Here are some of the factors that you can be sure of:

1. Right Niche Audience
influencer should have the audience from which your motive of marketing is getting fulfilled. Analyze it as per your marketing goals like increasing brand awareness, sales conversions, etc..

2. Active Audience
Influencer's audience should be active, you can visit previous posts of influencers or you can ask for previous post analytics also if the influencer is comfortable sharing the data. As followers and subscribers lists can be fake so try to analyze the audience behavior.

✦ How to connect with influencers in easy way?

There are different approaches that you can follow to reach influencers for collaboration, some of them are:

1. Posting and scrolling through the same content as your brand's targetted audience niche, which will modulate your accounts algorithm to show relevant influencers with the same niche. You can filter those accounts and find out their business contacts available.

2. There are various platforms available on the internet like and many others which provides a list of influencers having an account on their platforms and are available for collabaration

✦ What are the type of influencers?

Based on the followers, content ratings and posts stats, influencers are categorized as follows

1. Nano Influencers Influencer which had just started and have a small numbers of followers.

2. Micro Influencers Influencer which have good numbers of followers or subscribers and are already working with normal brands.

3. Celebrity Influencers Influencer which have large numbers of followers and working with high class brands.

Most of experienced digital marketing agencies and individuals believe that hiring nano influencers is more effective than hiring a celebrity influencer. Working with more followers at an affordable price will drive good sales for your brand and you can target more audiences with minimal investment which results in better ROI than others.

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