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Design the futureBe it the next Snapchat, smartwatch, self-driving cars, virtual reality apps, or drone deliveries - UI/UX designers are shaping the future.
Help the worldDesign is not just how it looks. Design is how it works. UI/UX designers make the world a better place - one app at a time.
Lucrative salaryNo wonder, the average salary for a UI/UX designer is 9 LPA+ according to Glassdoor.
Course Description
UI/UX Design

The "UI" in UI design means "user interface." The UI is the graphical layout of an application. It consists of the buttons clients click on, the content they read, the pictures, sliders, text passage fields, and the remainder of the things the client connects with. This incorporates screen layout, transitions, interface animations and each and every small scale interaction. Such a visual component, interaction, or animation should all be designed.

This activity tumbles to UI designers. They choose what the application will resemble. They need to pick shading plans and button shapes — the width of lines and the fonts utilized for text. UI designers make the look and feel of an application's UI.

"UX" means "client experience." A client's understanding of the app is controlled by how they communicate with it. Is the experience smooth and intuitive or burdensome and confusing? Does exploring the app feel coherent or does it feel discretionary? Does collaborating with the app give people the feeling that they're productively achieving the assignments they decided to accomplish or does it feel like a battle? Client experience is dictated by how simple or hard it is to associate with the UI components that the UI designers have made.

So UX designers are likewise concerned with an application's UI, and this is the reason people get confused about the distinction between the two. Be that as it may, while UI designers are entrusted with choosing how the UI will look, UX designers are accountable for deciding how the UI works.

  • Layout and Visuals
  • Colors
  • Iconography and Typography
  • UI Elements
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